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What's Wrong with Staying in Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Why do we stay in our comfort zone? Because our comfort zone is the stress-free zone. It’s familiar. It's cozy.

It’s also the place where we stay stagnant.

Only when we stop letting fears and anxiety hold us back, will we start to make major breakthroughs in life.

While most of us would agree that we don’t enjoy being uncomfortable probably none of us would say that we don’t appreciate growth. We know on an innate level that growth is what it’s all about. It's when we get out of our comfort zone that we stretch, grow and realize our potential.

7 Ways your Comfort Zone is Keeping you Stuck

1. Goals. If you stay in your comfort zone, you are less likely to follow through on reaching your goals. Your fear, procrastination, or any other excuse keeps you from taking action toward your goals.

2. Lack of growth. Staying in your comfort zone will keep you from growing. You’ll remain stuck, never moving forward and never changing. You won’t step out of your comfort zone to explore what you’re capable of doing, or what amazing things you may accomplish.

3. Lost passion. Staying in your comfort zone makes it harder for you to discover your passion. Your passion will only be found outside your comfort zone.

4. Feeling left behind. When you stay in your comfort zone you will feel like you are being left behind by your colleagues who are taking the risks needed to propel their career forward.

5. Settling for less. By continuing to live in your comfort zone, you put your passion aside.

6. Your self-confidence lags. When you don’t move out of your comfort zone, you aren’t building the confidence you need to take on new challenges.

8. You’ll be unprepared for changes. You are inflexible and set in your ways when you stay firmly planted in your comfort zone. Life can be difficult, chaotic, messy, but staying in your comfort zone keeps you from being open to new possibilities.

Breaking out of your comfort zone will give you more opportunity in life. Don’t let anxiety prevent you from doing what you truly want. Move past your fears and push the boundaries of what is comfortable.

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