Michelle Langley

Hi, I'm Michelle Langley, LPC and the founder of Ahava Wellness. For the last 9 years I have been helping people shift their mindset to discover their power, and step into their life with confidence and clarity.  

My Journey

I chose to become a therapist from my own life story. All I had ever known was the struggle of striving for more; more accomplishments, more achievements, more approval. Ultimately, I was ruthless in my pursuit of perfection and caught in a web of busy-ness that was unrelenting. This led to extreme anxiety and my self-confidence plummeted.. Getting out of my head was hard. Learning to trust myself and listening to the still small voice guiding me toward the life I craved, while developing compassion for myself, was a process.

So, I understand the desire for more yet never feeling like it’s enough. I understand how frustrating it is to look at where you are and where you want to be. I use my training and experience to help you explore the powerful resources within guiding you to your full potential through self healing and growth.

Therapy Is Available In Texas And Washington. Coaching Is Available Across America, And Internationally

I help my clients create more love, happiness and success through therapy, coaching and mind-body integration. I work with individuals and couples in Texas and Washington for therapy, and all over the world via online coaching sessions.

My Experience and Approach

I have extensive experience in community wellness and mental health through my  I specialize in anxiety, self-confidence, depression, mind-body integration, and life transitions including personal development. I fuse the best traditions of psychotherapy with holistic integrative approaches, using empirically validated methods to assist you in reaching your goals and thriving in your life.

Resources and Free Consultation

This website is devoted to your growth and wellbeing, and offers loads of free information and actionable steps that you can start using today to create positive change in your life. Browse around to educate yourself about your options, read our blog, or sign up for an online course. Or, if the time is right, you can schedule a free consultation with me to talk about your situation and how we can help you create real and lasting change. I'm here to support you in your growth. 

Ahava Wellness provides marriage counseling and individual therapy as well as life and business coaching services online via our HIPAA compliant video platform.

With Much Love and Respect,

Michelle Langley 

Ahava Wellness

To find out more about our services, please contact me to discuss.

Phone: 832-463-9059 or click here to submit a form.

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