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Michelle Langley

LPC | Integrative Psychotherapist | Founder of Ahava Wellness

Welcome! I believe it takes courage to reach out! I am here to walk alongside and champion you to heal, grow, and live life fully. 

Finding the right therapist can be challenging.

Not all therapists have the level of education

and experience necessary to guide their clients

through life’s complex challenges.  

I know that positive results come from a

collaboration between therapist and client so I show up as my authentic self to each session, because a trusting relationship is the best tool a therapist can provide.

I received my Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Fox University. I 

I have a post-graduate certificate in Trauma

Informed Clinical Practice and I am an EMDR-trained therapist.

I have a highly diverse background that has cultivated an awareness of living intentionally and purposefully. I am an integrative psychotherapist, which means I use different modalities to support the therapeutic process of your growth through a grounded embodied perspective. 

I fully believe that it's important to become aware of the unconscious things we tell ourselves, especially the destructive things. Through our work together, we deepen your exploration of Self, bring awareness to the inherent wisdom of your body, and strengthen your trust in your own intuition. 

Your treatment is individualized and created with clinical experience that considers the whole person.

Therapy Is Available In Arizona, Texas and Louisiana.

In Light,
Michelle Langley

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