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Just One Word for 2021

It is that time of year when we make lists of things we want to change, and make the corresponding promises! We set focus on a lofty list of goals, and we start the New Year with a bang! But then reality sets in, and our promises wane.

I gave up “Resolution” making in 2016 after the sudden loss of my best friend. The one-word method encouraged me to concentrate on one-life-changing-word rather than fill my to-do list with promises and goals that would fall to the wayside before Spring sprung.

No more promises for, weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, budgeting, and goal-getter plans.

When we set important goals for ourselves, we often think in terms of our abstract values, rather than the concrete, practical factors that might get in the way of living up to those values.

This is why resolutions fail... life happens.

Instead, I challenge you to choose just one word. One word that will guide your year, inspire you, bring you into focus, and give you a vision for your future. The purpose of one word is to energize change. A word cannot be broken. It’s a reminder, a filter, of who you want to be, instead of what you regret.

My past Words:

2016: Surrender

2017: Fearless

2018: YES

2019: Intentional

2020: Grace

A new day, in a new year, will not bring us closer to our goals and dreams. Instead, one word allows us to focus our time, energy and headspace on one thing. Choosing one word will guide you towards:

· Your intentions

· Your attention

· Decision making that aligns with your intentions

· Rejecting decisions that will lead you away from your goals

· Assessing your situation

· Adjusting your behavior

My word for 2021 is AWARE. I will use my word to cultivate focus, presence, and peace in my day-to-day life.

Here is a list of 40 suggested words for your 2021 One Word:






How to use your One Word:

· Display your word where you can see it (Vision Board!)

· Create a word of the year jewelry piece

· Journal

· Meditate

· Share

May 2021 bring you all the good things!

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