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therapy and mental health

Therapy +

For Healing, Growth & Transformation

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. Ahava Wellness supports busy people on the go with flexible teletherapy appointments. Our online video conferencing software is designed for therapists, so you are assured convenience and privacy.

Hi, I'm Michelle

I'm a licensed therapistyoga, breath work, and meditation practitioner.

I’m here to help you foster awareness of your innate ability to access what you need to discover and recover your wholeness. I provide mindful guidance through life challenges with integrative practices that allow you to lean into the strength you already have and live a life full of happiness and purpose. ​

My goal is to create space for you to nurture the love for self in mind, body and spirit by inspiring healing, growth and transformation.

The Work 


Somatic Therapy

My Approach

I fuse the best techniques of psychotherapy with holistic integrative approaches to assist you in overcoming negative thinking patterns, perfectionism and low-self-worth.  Our work is collaborative. I give you the support, insight and focus you need to overcome life’s challenges, live fully and thrive. You will find the power within yourself to create real results and long-lasting change.


Online therapy blends the best therapy practice of conventional counseling with the unique advantages that come with a modern approach.

Teletherapy is available in Arizona, Texas, & Louisiana.

Why Online? 


  • Accessibility:  We are able to meet anytime, anywhere within AZ, TX, or LA.

  • No Commute: Save money. Save time.

  • Anonymity: While I will know who you are, no one else will. Ahava Wellness uses secure HIPAA compliant video chat designed for therapists so you are able to have a private meeting.

  • Consistency: No missed appointments due to weather or illness.

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