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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy

Tell me more about walk and talk therapy...


Walk and Talk therapy is an integrative approach combining the power of psychotherapy with physical movement; rather than being enclosed in an office space, the therapy session takes place outside while we walk.

We will meet at a designated outdoor location in the North Austin metro area, if the weather is acceptable. In case of rain or extreme heat, we will meet online via our HIPAA compliant video platform. We walk the full 50 minute session. 

Walk and Talk Therapy provides the potential for much more openness and disclosure, capacity for insight; the 'aha' moments that we know are facilitated by physical activity.

What Can I expect from walk and Talk therapy?

Just as in regular talk therapy, each session is tailored to your goals and needs. You will have the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings and discuss whatever is present for you in the moment. 


While walk and talk therapy does not offer the same level of assured confidentiality as when you’re meeting your therapist online, from the outside it will appear as though we are just two people walking, there is nothing overt that will say this is a therapy session. Your therapist will always be discreet. You will have a detailed conversation with your therapist about concerns over confidentiality before you begin walk and talk therapy.

Walk and Talk therapy integrates

psychotherapy with mind-body connection.

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