Be happy and be free. We are here to support you.

Ahava Wellness empowers people to discover and live out their highest potential.

Why navigate it alone?

Oh , life. It can be an inspiring, painful, delightful and confusing adventure. With the many challenges and unknowns that we face along the way, why navigate it alone? 

We provide a supportive, non-judgmental secure space. Your therapist will be there for you every step of the way, identifying and breaking through irrational thought patterns, unresolved emotions, anxiety, depression, family of origin issues, grief, loss, life transitions, and trauma.

We help you to recover. Whatever your concern is, your therapist will listen and attune to you in a compassionate way, offering gentle guidance through a unique fusion of traditional psychotherapy approaches, and integrative healing modalities. We tailor our approach to address the needs of mind, body, and spirit. We are here to help you get to know your emotional self and support your continuous growth.

We are here for you.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey towards healing and growth. Happiness, love and freedom are available at Ahava Wellness.

An online therapy practice for well-being— 

passionately committed to support you without judgment, help you discover your truth, leave complacency behind and manage the unresolved hurts, insecurities, traumatic experiences, and false beliefs that can keep you from living a life of freedom and joy.

Our specialities include:

Trauma | Anxiety | Depression|

Life Transitions | Perfectionism

We are here to help you develop a new perspective and transform your life. After working with us, you will see your way through the challenges and feel excited and confident to embrace life again. The best is yet to come!

You are unique, so our approach is too.

You choose the service, day and time that works best for you, and we will meet you wherever you are! Once your appointment is scheduled, we will send you an invitation to complete the paperwork needed to get you focused on your goals. Take your time. Reflect. Send the paperwork back 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Then when we meet, we will cultivate the best approach for your needs. We always use  research-based, empirically supported techniques.

At Ahava Wellness, our coaching is available around the globe, while therapy is reserved for those living in Texas or Washington.