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How exactly does it work?

Teletherapy works.

Before the advances in technology, the only way to have therapy was to show up in person and sit face-to-face with your therapist. 

Teletherapy has changed the game! Online therapy has become increasingly popular among clients thanks to its convenience. You can have your therapy session in the comfort of your home or any other preferred environment.

At Ahava Wellness, we support you in the best way we can through our flexible online sessions.  And, we can assure you that teletherapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.

Life can be imperfect, challenging, or even painful at times. There’s no road map telling us which way to turn. With online teletherapy, getting the help and support you need is easier than ever before.


We are able to meet anytime, anywhere.


Choose phone or online.

No Commute

Save money.

Save time.


While we will know who you are, no one else will.


No missed appointments due to weather or illness.

Teletherapy blends the best therapy practice of conventional counseling with the unique advantages that come with a modern approach.

Read more about the benefits of teletherapy here >

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