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The Strength Within

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

If there’s one thing in life which we must all work hard to overcome, it’s the challenging seasons that we face. Sometimes we have control and sometimes we do not...HELLO 2020! Overcoming difficult situations is not easy, but it is not impossible. It starts with you. You have to be willing to take action and do something different.

Nobody has ever sat still and overcome adversity.

10 Key Tenets of Overcoming Difficult Seasons

If you’ve found yourself crumbling under life’s difficulties, it's time to recognize everything in life has a reason, a season, and a lesson to learn. You just have to find it.

1. Realize That Your Difficulties Need to Be Dealt With

Denial will only cause you more problems. You’ll have to do a lot of catching up if you simply ignore your difficulties. If you want to change a difficult situation then you have to understand that you have a difficult situation.

A good place to start…

  • Set aside time specifically for working toward improvement

  • Ask for help in getting to the root of your current life circumstance

  • Make time for your well-being.

  • Have someone to motivate and hold you accountable. Support is valuable.

2. Ask Yourself Why?

Why is your current situation causing difficulty? Is it in or out of your control?

If your situation is in your control

  • You can do something to change it

  • What needs to be done now?

If your situation is out of your control

  • You have to change your perspective and accept the situation as is. "It is what it is," is a good mantra to adopt.

If you don’t know why, then you won’t have an answer. There’s always an answer to your difficulties but the answer may not be what you want. Be brave and choose to take control of your thoughts.

3. Take Care of Yourself

Ahhh. Self Care. The caring of self. The conscious act to promote your own physical, mental and emotional health.

You never want to want to get to the point to where you are your last thought.

If you notice something wrong:

  • Reach out for help

  • Make important lifestyle changes

  • Forget about what’s not important (Let that GO!)

You are important and although external circumstances can be unbearable, remember that you can do hard things!

4. Be Disciplined

Overcoming difficulties take commitment and discipline. If control is lost in the middle of a chaotic situation, the pain is prolonged.

How can we become more disciplined?

· Decide that you want change and to be happy

· Involve others and inform them of your situation so they can hold you accountable.

· Create a daily routine and stick with it

5. Develop Structure

Structure is absolutely necessary and vital to well-being. Just imagine if we had no structure in our society… it would be a disaster! There is a strategy to everything and everything requires a strategy.

With structure we create habits. Good habits allow us to overcome negative situations that we face on a daily basis. Create the habit of managing your mind and body so you can be equipped to overcome!

6. Manage Your Stress

Stress comes with difficulty and excessive stress is detrimental to your life. If you’re too stressed to manage your life, then you’re in trouble.

Fortunately for you, there are ways to manage stress

  • Meditate

  • Be in good company

  • Eat well

  • Pursue what makes you happy

You need to be able to give your mind and body time to recover in order deal with difficulty in a healthy way.When you’re burnt out from stress, you’ve got to take care of it immediately.

7. Leave Your Current Situation

Sometimes you have no choice but to leave your current situation. There’s nothing wrong with going somewhere else, if where you’re at isn’t working for you.

8. Quit What You’re Doing

If you’re not happy at a job… then change it. Quitting is not a bad thing when it leads to growth.

  • Acknowledge how much you’ve changed since you chose this path

  • Remember that success isn’t always linear

  • Remember that you’re more than just your job

9. Be Productive

The worst thing to do is to not do anything at all. If you’re somewhat productive at least you’re on your way to where you want to be. Have a vision and work towards it. Let this be a season of change, rather than a season of regret.

10. Work on Becoming a Better Person

We find out who a person really is when faced with difficulty. Often times we are experiencing unnecessary pain because our attitude prevents us from overcoming. You will be surprised how a different mindset could change everything.

You Can Overcome

Difficulties will ebb and flow. They’re a natural part of our existence but we don’t have to let them hold us back in any way. When we lose control of our situation, we lose control of our lives. Take time to appreciate change by acknowledging both the small and the significant milestones.

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