Out with Resolutions, In with Renewal

We are 2 days away from ushering in a New year!  WOOT! Where did 2018 go? 

As we say goodbye to the old and HELLO Darling, to the new,  let me ask you a few questions…

Has your confidence been shaken when your circumstances don’t align with your heart desires? Have you faced hardships that make you question your purpose? Have you defined your success by the things you do?  Have you failed so hard that you swear the whole world is watching you face plant in the mud?  Yeah, I might know a thing or two about that…

Perfectionist? Yep. Anxiety? Yep.  Divorced? Yep. People-pleaser? Yep. Is there more? Absolutely. The difficulties of life have given me an opportunity to practice my focus and determination, and land exactly where I want to be. 

Life is all about the climb. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute sucker for fresh starts! Don’t be a late bloomer and let an opportunity for renewal pass you by!  January 1 is THE time to shoot for the stars; BIG plans, BIG goals. Give yourself permission to think really BIG; be bold. Be brave. And, let’s do this thing. 

Ahava Wellness is here to help you make this your best year ever! New Year’s resolutions are so yesteryear. We are heading into 2019 and you need an action-filled plan to get from where you are, to where you want to be. You will benefit from our personalized attention to get you focused and motivated with clear and concise goals. 

Imagine how awesome it would be it would be if you started your New Year with intention; proactively tackling the things that can get you side-tracked, and establishing habits that will keep you going strong. Imagine what it would be like if you nixed the excuses and made the commitment to fill your days with purpose…*Cue the music*

What a Wonderful World it would be.

With us, you will find authenticity, and a loving desire to help you navigate this journey to self-discovery that will nourish your soul and guide you towards a balanced and purpose-filled life!  What can you expect?  Ahava will hold space for you to…

  • Grapple with really difficult questions. 

  • Be seen, heard and known.

  • Discuss really hard things.

  • Say yes, or no, or maybe so, or I just don’t know.

Change takes work! It takes courage to live your truth and seek your best life. The joy I feel in helping others accomplish their dreams only serves to confirm that fact that the work we put into life is worth it! 

You are WORTHY of all good things!

Start 2019 with personalized coaching to fill the gaps in your life master plan. Together, we will explore your options, focus on your goals and create the action steps necessary for lasting change!  Click here to schedule.

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