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9 Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Looking to enhance your yoga practice? It starts with the teacher in front of you. While there is not a set of standards that define what makes a good yoga teacher, there are qualities that you will find in a great yoga teacher! Here are 9 good qualities that you will want to look for when trying out a new yoga class.


Good yoga teachers always teach to who is in front of them and stay present when offering guidance and cues. This means sometimes straying away from their lesson plan to cater to different levels of students.


Great yoga teachers understand the importance of communication. They take the time to connect with their students on a genuine and personal level with their warm, and inviting personality! 


Good yoga teachers are always authentic in their teaching. Being who they are without perfection allows the teacher to show up fully present and show how they live their yoga! 


A good yoga teacher is prepared but is always flexible in their teaching style and sequences to accommodate students of varying levels. They understand how to inspire and empower their students. 


Honesty is essential to being a great yoga teacher; admitting when there is something they don’t know and being honest with their students letting them know answers can be discovered together. 

6. NO EGO 

Checking ego at the door is important for your yoga teacher. While we want our yoga teacher to be knowledgeable, we don’t want them making the class feel as if they aren’t bringing anything to the room. Being humble and kind is an important quality of a great yoga teacher. 


Passion and knowledge should be contagious. Showing a true love for yoga and being passionate about it will shine through your yoga teacher! Sharing knowledge about the practice of yoga is a beautiful gift. 


A great yoga teacher understands that every body is unique and the yoga practice should be attuned for the individual student. A teacher knowledgeable in anatomy will benefit everyone in the room.


Great yoga teachers exude a healthy vibrant lifestyle. They practice radical self-care and savvy techniques to keep their personal yoga practice fresh and exciting. 

Ultimately, your yoga practice is yours. It is up to you to personalize your practice in order to attain your goals. When you tune into your needs and embrace your practice it can help you deal with and relieve stress. A great yoga teacher walks alongside you in creating a dedicated and balanced yoga practice.

If you want to expand your practice with a customized yoga plan created just for you, contact Michelle here.

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