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Coaching for Therapists

You've spent years in graduate school to become a therapist, but no one taught you how to build a business.


Starting, running and growing  your business is a lot of hard work. I know it can feel totally overwhelming to build your practice alone. 

But it doesn't have to be that way! 

I walk you through building, scaling and monetizing your therapy practice! 


Are you spinning your wheels

We will Cover All the Things

Ethics: How to market yourself in a way that is in line with ethical codes and guidelines for a therapist.

Fears: How to overcome fear and imposter syndrome that may be hindering the growth of your business. 

Niching: How to define your ideal client and use this knowledge to identify your speciality, and create content that meets their needs.

Being yourself: How to show ip authentically, how to showcase your strengths and natural gifts to be relatable and followable.

Reduce what you don't love: How to make simple shifts to reduce the things you don't love, and focus on the things that will help your business thrive!

And, so much more: Finances, HIPAA, Forms to keep you legal, Selecting your products, Privacy Policy, Insuring your  practice, Setting your fees. 



Tools that empower, words that motivate and coaching that achieves unstoppable results

Tried and successful- integrating evidenced based coaching structures and business strategies to help you create new thinking, jumpstart performance, maximize results, and transform your business into reality.



Helping therapists make more money and transform more lives


Business Coaching takes your big, world-changing ideas and our project management skills, business and marketing know-how, love of strategy , and comprehensive understanding of what makes people tick to help you create a business that’s successful, profitable, and radically fulfilling.

Create real results and lasting change.

You are naturally creative and resourceful. You are the expert in your business. 

But, sometimes, you need a savvy strategist to give you the support, insight and

focus you need to overcome challenges, live fully and thrive.


And, that’s where I come in…

I have the skills and expertise to help you build on your strengths, gain clarity and confidence, evolve into your best self, and face the future fearlessly.  

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